2011 Tree    My favorite tree from two point of views in summer 2011.

2014 Tree    During a week in winter 2014 I walked up to the tree every day to film it on 8mm. No sound.

2014 New Blood Fest    A reel of 8mm film shot at a local hardcore festival. No sound.

2014-2015  17    After the passing of my father in august 2014, I move back to Zutendaal to live with my two brothers Albrecht and Philip. 17 are photographs taken during the year that follows.

2014-2015 Bloemen    A reel of 8mm film with fragments shot in and around the house we grew up in.

2016 Dag aan’t meer    A day at the lake with the band of my brother Albrecht.

2018-2019  Afternoons at the lake.  

2018 Philip    During the months before my brother Philip graduated from high school, I drove him to school every morning. Philip are photographs taken on these mornings.

2018 Ping pong A reel of 16mm film of my brother Philip playing ping pong.

2018 Tree    I returned to the film of the tree to make a xerox zine from stills.

2018-2019 Polo    I followed and filmed the process of my brother transforming a car with his friend Jef, resulting in a newspaper and shortfilm

2019 Tree    A trip to Saas-Fee and some walks up the mountain after finding out my favorite tree was gone. 

2018 - ... Dig, Laki; Dig!     Observing my dog Laki at the lake.

2019 - ... Lake   Observations at the lake while trying to take care of the place.

2020 - ...  Observations during a transformative year.